Aquarius Earth

- towards a Heart-centred humanity

This intention of this site is to help you come through these transformative times and provide information, skills and support to help you know what is happening on our planet and how to live, love, learn and thrive in the Age of Aquarius that is now being birthed.


Our Unified Field

One of the major paradigm shifts in the Age of Aquarius is to understand and live from the awareness that we live in a unified field and that this field is composed of life, awareness and love.  As a species we live as one unit with each affecting the other and everything!  Our individual state of Consciousness affects the whole.  Learn more about the physics and philosophy of Munns Unified Field Theory from the Books section on this site.

Our Health

Learn how your body really works through energy.   The vibrational matrix of your body is composed of different frequencies of Consciousness.  The books
1=3:  The Caduceus
Homeopathy in the Home
Principia Unitas - Vol. VI - 
The Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy
are available on this site.



The emerging spiritual tradition of the Aquarian Age is called "C-ism".  This is short for Consciousness-ism which is a spiritual tradition that teaches the Truth of who we are and our connection to the cosmos.
Learn how you can assimilate the teachings of C-ism into your everyday  life now:


Our Future

Our individual and the collective future of humanity is ours to create.  As we each learn about how Mother Earth is transforming herself into a new state we can prepare ourselves to live in the golden age of Aquarius - in a state of love, harmony, sustainability and abundance.




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