About Christina

Christina Munns is a self-taught physicist.  She has an intuitive gift for physics.  In 2010 she completed her second book 1=3:  The Caduceus.  This book explains how energy oprates in the human body and how it connects with the universal field.  In this book she discovered that light is not just a wave and a particle but also contains information.  She then set about explaining this discovery to scientists in her third book "Principia Unitas - Vol. I - On the Information in Light".  In researching this book Christina recognised the connection between the ancient symbol of The Caduceus, quantum mechanics and Vedic science, all of which have three fundamental principles.  It is because of Christina's curiosity, coupled with a vivid imagination that enabled her to make the connection between these three models, that led her to write another six books based on the information she was inspired to write.  This was how Munns' Unified Field Theory was developed.

My Philosophy

The primordial state of the cosmos has made the universe from Itself.  This state is known by many different names.  The names are different but the state is one.  This cosmic singularity is both the cause and effect of the universe. 

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