1=3:  The Caduceus

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This book was written as a result of nine years explaining to each new client how the body operates from an energetic perspective.  I eventually realised that the information I was giving to my clients needed to be more widely known and so after five years of thinking about it, I sat down and wrote what I knew about energetic medicine and how it relates to the human body and the healing process.


Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the German doctor who re-discovered homeopathy from its Paracelsian roots did not have access to the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine regarding subtle body anatomy of chakras, nadis (channels) and energetic meridian lines.


The book explains how different vibrational medicines operate in the human body.  I am deeply indebted to Richard Gerber, M.D. and his book "Vibrational Medicine", which was the platform on which I gleaned further information on cosmology. 


It was in this book that I made my first scientific discovery - i.e. that light contains information.  I knew from my years of reading ancient Vedic science texts that the universe was comprised of three cosmic principles and therefore I knew that the principle of electromagnetism MUST contain three aspects (not two as in wave-particle duality).  It was from this understanding that I was impassioned to write a book explaining to physicists of my discovery which I started writing two years later - On the Information in Light.  Little did I realise that the research involved in writing that text led me to write another six books and the development of Munns Unified Field Theory!  What a journey it has been!


The book discusses many different therapies and their application to chakra healing - e.g. homeopathy, crystals, flower essences, polarity therapy, electromagnetism within the body.  It explains how the chakras interact with the physical body and the various subtle energy bodies.


If you are interested in learning more about the healing process and a deeper understanding of how your body works then you will enjoy this book.  It can be kept as a reference book for later.


Amazon.com ReviewMs. Christina Munns' 1=3, The Caduceus is is a scholarly, and masterfully written book. Any serious study of metaphysics needs to have this foundational book as a basis for all inquiries. Superior!
With highest regard,
Robin White

1=3: The Caduceus