Principia Unitas – Vol. II

                                                     The Quantum Mechanism
                                      - Unified Field Theory of the Quantum State

                                                            by Christina Munns


This book explains Unified Field Theory as it relates to quantum physics and also explains how UFT is connected to the four quantum states. This is the 4th edition that reflects the latest discoveries.

Some of the topics in this text include:

  • Explanations of Unified Field Theory from a quantum mechanical perspective.
  • Definition of Pure Consciousness and explanation of Its properties.
  • Explanation of the physics of Absolute Zero and its importance in the unified field.
  • Presentation of the concept that the four quantum dynamics each represents one of the four quantum numbers.
  • Explanation of the Higgs bosons’ properties, including the reasons for its non-degenerative state.
  • Explanation of the relationship of the Higgs bosons to Riemannian geometry and anti-de Sitter space.
  • Explanation of the Higgs event representing the CP violation within EMR which introduces discrete states of electricity & magnetism. Higgs event = EMR symmetry breaking.
  • Diagrams of proposed dark phenomena
  • Explanation of the rôle of the four quantum numbers in biology
  • Explanation of quark flavour and neutrino oscillation process.
  • Explanation as to why protons have greater mass than electrons.
  • Diagrammatic explanation of quark-lepton complimentarity.
  • Explanation of the relationship between electrons, magnetism and sound.
  • Explanation of reason for asymptotic freedom.
  • Explanation of Gaussian function and its rôle in quantum mechanics.
  • Symmetry of the PMNS matrix and synthesis of the CKM & PMNS matrices.
  • Rôle of direction of photon spin direction in information transmission and functional definition.
  • Explanation of sparticle theory.
  • Discussion of unitary symmetry groups and their relationship to Unified Field Theory
  • Explanation of supersymmetry and unitary symmetry.

Pages = 218 Diagrams = 208 - A4 colour

Principia Unitas - Volume II - The Quantum Mechanism