Principia Unitas - Vol. III
                                  The Universal Mechanism
               - Unified Field Theory of the cosmological state

                                          by Christina Munns


This book explains Unified Field Theory as it relates to cosmological principles but it also explains how these are connected to the four quantum states. This is the longest book of all and represents a synthesis of a lifetime’s searching for answers to the “big questions”. This book is not all pure science in conventional terms, since it also explains how the phenomena of love, reason, awareness and ego arise. It also explains how the mind operates due to the four universal numbers. The biggest challenge for both scientific and religious communities is that Unified Field Theory unites them under the common dome of Pure Consciousness. This is explained in detail. The physics of both Absolute Zero and Pure Consciousness are explained. There is also a detailed analysis of each of the twelve fields of the Unified Standard Model. Evolution and common descent from a particular microorganism is also an exciting breakthrough. Explanation of quantum gravity. The physics of the four dark phenomena and their supersymmetry and particles are explained in relation to the four elements. These are all related to the four universal and quantum numbers.

Some of the topics in this text include:

  • Explanations of Unified Field Theory from a universal perspective.
  • Definition of the principle of Pure Consciousness and explanation of its properties.
  • Principle of “the observer” discussed in relation to Unified Field Theory and the relevance of perceptual coherence of the field level of the observer.
  • Presentation of the concept of “universal quality” as a unitary triad that pervades the structure and function of the Unified Standard Model.
  • Detailed explanation of the three unitary symmetry groups – their properties and behaviour.
  • Presentation of steps involved in emanation of the universe.
  • Explanation of unification of scientific and spiritual principles.
  • Introduction into physics of the Higgs bosons, their structure and function.
  • Explanation of the physics of space, light, heat and sound within the context of Unified Field Theory.
  • Kinetics of the Unified Standard Model.
  • Explanation of primordial morphic field.
  • Principle of pervasion in the Unified Standard Model.
  • Explanation of dark phenomena and their properties.
  • Explanation of the supersymmetry of Field 10.
  • Explanation of how phase space arises.
  • Detailed analysis of wormholes and their origins.
  • Physics of Absolute Zero and its relevance to the three unitary symmetry groups.
  • Explanation of magnetic properties of black holes and SU(2).
  • Presentation of Munns Space-Gravity-Time model to incorporate the four aspects of space and mirror the four quantum numbers. This model replaces Minkowski space-time model.
  • Mathematical principles of Unified Field Theory including Euler’s Identity Formula, mathematical constants, Pi, the Golden Triangle, the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci series and their application to Unified Field Theory.
  • Theory of Everything (& yes it is only ½ inch long!)
  • Reconciliation of gravity into quantum physics.
  • Redefining relativity, including its relationship to SU(3) and fields of the Unified Standard Model.
  • Explanation of relevance of parabolas, hyperbolas, ellipses and circles within the universal mechanism.
  • The four universal numbers.
  • Calculations showing unit size of the universal mechanism.
  • The geometry of number – the numbers 0 to 12.
  • Discussion of the concept of field – what it is and how it relates to Unified Field Theory.
  • Quaternions and their rȏle in field information transfer and the universe generally.
  • Holographic universe formation.
  • Space-gravity-time and its unitary symmetry groups.
  • Discussion of the reality of the element of field.
  • Implications of Unified Field Theory for science, spirituality and society.

A4 = 758 pages. Diagrams = 751
Colour print


Principia Unitas - Volume III - The Universal Mechanism