Principia Unitas – Vol. V
                                                              Unified M-Theory
                                                               = Munns Theory

                                                             by Christina Munns

This volume explains the valid unified string theory - unified m-theory. It explains in detail how the superstrings of the cosmos operate. Explanation of how the primordial ring torus. . In depth analysis of the eleven dimensions of the Unified Standard Model. Explanation of how D-, p- and S-branes fit into this model. Explanation of why the torus has a correspondence with the number seven. The physics of open and closed strings and of what they consist is also explained.


P.S. Since completing this text I have understood more about String Theory and its relationship to music and the harmonic series and this has been included in the latest edition.

Topics included in this text but not limited to them include:

  • Explanation of Unified M-theory from both cosmological and quantum perspectives.
  • Description of causal triple lie groups and their interconnection and causal properties.
  • Detailed description of primordial morphic field and its properties, origins and relationship to the other fields of the Unified Standard Model.
  • In depth analysis of the properties of the triple torus.
  • Differentiation of the geometries of Unified M-Theory,
  • Explanation of properties of triple torus and the fabric of space-gravity-time.
  • Differentiation of the three strings – both open and closed.
  • Magnetic flux lines and M-Theory.
  • Diagrammatic classification of four knots and explanation of their origin.
  • The three Venn diagrams of n=11, n=7 and n=5
  • Presentation of Quantum Space-Gravity-Time Cosmology Model.
  • In depth analysis of each of the eleven dimensions of Unified M-theory.
  • Explanation of branes as functional groups of fields.
  • Comparative analysis of D-, p- and S-branes within context of Unified M-theory.
  • Presentation of the Unified M-theory Model diagram.

Pages = 52 Diagrams = 57

Principia Unitas - Volume V - Unified M-theory - Munns Theory