Principia Unitas – Vol. VI
                                             On The Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy

                                                        Christina Munns, Dip. Hom.


Briefly this book explains how the information within a homeopathic medicine operates within biological systems.  The information of the homeopathic medicine is imprinted on electrons and stored.  The process of what occurs at a quantum level to electrons during the succussion and dilution process are explained.  The four quantum numbers containing the information of the homeopathic medicine are transferred to the four DNA nucleic acids within a biological system.

Topics included in this text but not limited to them include:

  • Basic principles of Homeopathy.
  • Explanation of how the homeopathic medicines operate within the context of the principle of magnetism of “like dissolves like” that governs the principle of “like cures like” of homeopathic medicine.
  • Explanation of the quantum mechanics of water, the homeopathic medicine and the three unitary symmetry groups.
  • Quantum perspective of the coherence between the three unitary symmetry groups within water and the homeopathic substance.
  • Quantum architecture of water is explained along with its functional relevance to the homeopathic medicine.
  • Rôle of 8 gluons of QCD and their relationship to the 8 protons of oxygen atom in the water molecule.
  • Geometrical comparison of helices of water, DNA, human spinal column and digamma function.
  • Explanation of quantum entanglement of homeopathic medicine, water and cellular DNA, via the principles of QID (quantum information dynamics).
  • Explanation of the quantum mechanics of succussion.
  • Explanation of the quantum mechanics of dilution.
  • Explanation of the quantum mechanics of the Vital Force or principle of life operating via the three colour charges of QCD.
  • Comparison of four humours of Hippocrates with the four quantum numbers and Fields 1-4 of the Unified Standard Model.
  • The quantum mechanics of disease.
  • Explanation as to how homeopathic potency is lost after exposure to strong smelling substances.
  • Discussion of intentionality within the patient’s consciousness and its impact on the healing process.
  • Section for the sceptics of homeopathy.

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Principia Unitas - Volume VI - On the Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy