Principia Unitas – Vol. VII

                                                       The Symmetry of Light

                                                          by Christina Munns


This text was written in April 2015 and completed in January 2016.  It provides a deep exploration into the symmetry groups within electromagnetism and Unified Field Theory.  It explains many common symmetry groups and linear and rotational transformations from a quantum perspective, and contextually relates them to electromagnetism.  Of particular interest is the information on the Lorentz group and its transformation and mapping as well as classifying the conjugacy classes with unitary symmetry and quark states. 

The book was written as a result of the perceived need to explain the symmetry groups within electromagnetism both at the atomic and quantum scale, since there is currently much confusion into the actual dynamics of light at both scales.


Offering a fresh perspective to both quantum physics and electromagnetism, this book will appeal to both physicists and mathematicians alike, since it offers many new insights into the question of symmetry of the quantum state as it relates to electromagnetism.

Pages = 107   Figures = 98   1st Edition

Principia Unitas - Volume VII - The Symmetry of Light